Graeme Elmore has another date!

We had a fabulous weekend in Scotland not at all spoiled by the fact that for our entire visit there was a permanent frost. It was really really cold, but of course absolutely beautiful. The return train journey was uneventful, tho' for a time I had male Goth sat next to me. Dressed all in black of course, with black-dyed hair and dressed all in black...but he had chains and piercings where I never believed chains and piercings could be affixed! He rattled when he moved!

It's always nice to meet people one knows when en passage, and I was glad, when on King's Cross Station on Friday to have bumped into Maj H, who was 2 i/c of The Royal Dragoon Guards when I was working in Munster Germany. The RDG are now in Catterick so we were able to have a good natter about what had happened since we last met.

Today I saw a couple of c lients and had enough time to jump on a No14 bus to Tottenham Court Road and visit the Babylon exhibtion in the British Museum - and there I bumped into the nice Fr Philip North, who until recently was the priest administrator at Walsingham, but now a parish priest in Camden. We arrived at much the same time, tailed one another around the exhibits and of course finished at much the same time a cup of (£1.75 per cup) tea was called for. Fr Philip and I agreed that it was an exhibition worth seeing but not worth going to see! THere was some fine examples of ancient Babylonian tablets with writing on and writing "barrels" some scraps of papyrus and a few artefacts. But truth to tell...not a lot. Possibly because there aint a lot that's survived. The exhibit was "padded out" with more modern paintings and scripts - many of the modern era but some going back to the middle ages. All very fascinating, and it ook about an hour of my time (plus tea time of course!). If one has a real interest in things Babylonian then crack on and enjoy...but if only a passing interest...then don't bother spending your £8.-. Having said that, on reflection I'm glad to have seen it.

Southmead Hospital in Bristol phoned me again today. They had wanted to admit me on the 16th. of December, but thankfuly have called me forward a week early. I will now be admitted on Tuesday 9th December for surgery the next day, and can expect to be in hospital for 4/5 days. I have the opportunity tomorow of briefing my line manager. I can't think for one moment that he will be impressed - as pleasant and understanding as he is. But there we are....I'm told that worse things happen at sea!