Edd Devenney arrived yesterday afternoon - flying to Dussledorf from London Heathrow - been far too long since we last saw one another so we had a lot of ground to make up. We got back here to the house in Munster just in time for gin o'clock, and although I had laid in copious quantities of gin wine for the ocassion, I'm glad to say that Edd had packed a bottle of Plymouth gin - a gin, in my humble opinion unsurpassed. I say that, however there is of course always "Hendricks," gin, lovely but expensive at about £22.- a 70cl bottle. Alas, Hendricks is not widely available and it means a special journey to Waitrose - but I'm not one to complain!

So after a couple of pints of G&T a lurking bottle of the French fizzy stuff was consumed before a very pleasant spag bol and a bottle of Potuguese rosado - and then it was down to the serious business of the port wine. Thank goodness we've both been navy trained as we would never otherwise have coped. Finally fell into bed just before 0300 - I think!

Had a pleasant late morning and afternoon showing Edd the delights of this delightful town and catching-up with each other's news over a cheeky beer or two in Braurei Pinkus Muller and the Rathaus kneiper and a lovely schweinbraten mit sauerkraut und kartoffel eaten out in the crisp autumn open air of a downtown Munster biergarten.

Currently watching "We Dive at Dawn" in deference to my submariner guest and a church Harvest Supper to look forward to this evening. So ist das lieben!