Well Saturday night's Harvest Supper went very well.Only a couple of dozen of us - but the pasties were good and went down extremely well with the chips and mushy peas!! - Really! As good as it was, Edd and I decided it was too ear;y to end the evening and proceeded into Town for a few more wets - however at 0225 I decided that perhaps it was time to head back to Muckermannweg as, afterall Sunday was going to be quite a busy day. And true enough, after two masses and a delish trad Bavarian lunch in a country restaurant we arrived back here at 1545 only to get ready to depart again in an hour's time for another mass with Bishop Tom Burns in York Barracks. But this evening I MUST do some packing as Edd departs for the UK on Monday evening and me on Tuesday morning - no point having a spare hand hanging around the house if you can't get help packing-up the car afterall,what are senior rates Royal Navy paid for?