Phew! Whatta day! Been rushing round like a mad thing, trying pack-up a few things to take home with me on Tuesday when I drive to the UK for some home leave. As always with the army there are forms to fill-in and beauracracy to cope with. Army life it seems is rarely straight forward. The day was not helped by being involved in a minor road accident. A local German driver decided to swerve into me and took-off the front bumper of my service vehicle. The bodywork was fortunately not damaged (and since you ask, neither was I!) But in Deutchland whenever there is a RTA no matter how minor, the Polizei always get involved - and because it was a Service Vehicle the Royal Military Police were also involved. An hour or more by the roadside filling in forms. The damage to my vehicle was fairly minor - tho it looked bad, ands the other driver (who was charming - but then he woul dbe wouldn't he?) had just a couple of superficial scratches on his car.

I had to leave my car in a layby - fortunately only a 100metres from the barracks, and the MT dept came to recover it - however more forms to fill-in tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile Edd was at the house waiting for me to take him to Dussledorf airport for his journey home after a super weekend here in Munster. Interestingly he told me that he was wondering if I was in some sort of incident as I didn't get back to the house until the last minute before we needed to set off for the flughafen. Fortunately all was clear on the autobahn and we made it well within check in time.

Had a good day on Sunday - mass in Munster and then in Dulmen (last time in both for me sadly) and lunch for a group of eight of us in a lovely country restaurant - and as it is Oktoberfest time - the menu was deliciously Bayeriche! Even more religion last night as the RC congregation was welcoming Bishop Tom Burns, the RC bishop to the forces. Bishop Tom is an old pal of mine - ex naval chaplain (obviously!) so we went to join them and managed a good chat with his Lordship afterwards. I wonder if he is destined for higher things? Rumours are that he will be moving on sometime soon. Gibraltar is now vacant......I wonder!

Last night it was a few wets and a movie or two - tonight its packing and away to the UK tomorrow morning via Dunkirk and Dover.