Four days into my new job with Combat Stress, based in Leatherhead, Surrey. I'm in the first of a 4 week induction period when I wil be staying with family in Epsom and then moving to a room in Brixton rented from god friends Tom and Teeny - how wonderful to be back in the centre of London again after so many years - be sure I will make the most of it! Too good not to!!

My job will see me caring for clients of the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society within the M25. There are currently 130+ of them, so I will be kept fairly busy I think. he job comes with a car, but hopefully I will be able to see many of my folks by public transport, I don't fancy driving in inner London too much. The nice thing is that I will be able to arrange my schedule so that mire ioften than nit I will be home in Somerset set for 4 nights out of 7 - tho' undoubtedly there will be times when I will stay in London a little longer!!! Hurrah!

Had a call from the RC Bishop of Clifton today, who has put me in touch with the parish priest of Glastonbury who will hopefuly be easing me into eventual reception into the Catholic Church.

So quite some mega-changes at the moment for me. A new job. Life London orientated once again and of course being a wannabe Catholic (layman).

This is a particularly good time for me to have my dearest friends close at hand! But I see that it's nearly gin o'clock....