Well what a pleasantly liesurely weekend. The lunch at the Queen's Arms was exceptionally enjoyable - not only were the home made pork pies up to their usual exacting standard, but they had on a new draft beer that promised to taste "chocolatly" and my goodness they were right! Absolutely delicious and the second pint was a very worthwhile purchase.

Friends in for 6pm cocktails along with Fr Callon who stayed for dinner. A home made steak & kidney pudding was on the Saturday evening menu (cooked by yours truly) and if I say so myself (and why not?) was a perfect second course to my home made parsnip soup. Great winter fuel in what was a rather sodden evening - rain lashing down and a gale blowing.

Sunday of course was dominated by viewing the telly pics from the London Cenotaph - a luxury denied me for many years. Rather nice having mass at the early time of 0900 in Somerton which does leave the whole day stretching out before one, so plenty of time to watch "Sink the Bismarck." And in the evening a pleasant - if brief - supper with Fiona's sister and brother-in-law, Bill and Clare Birdwood on their way home to Exeter down the nearby A303

I have some business to conduct in Yeovile this afteroon before heading on back to London/Epsom and a casual dinner party this evening at the home of some nearby acquaintances....just hoping the rain doesn't slow my progress to The Smoke, I so hate being late for the gin course!