Operation Completed

At some disgustingly early hour this morning, ie 5.45, and after breaking the ice off the car doors, we sallied forth to Southmead Hospital, Bristol. We arrived slightly after the allotted 8.30 - due to having to walk down what seemed like endless corridors and various verbal directions. With two other patients we waited in a little ante room in the ENT Ward and were much releived when Graeme was the first to be directed to a bed. He was then asked the endless medical history questions, to which the answer was mainly 'no' due to this being the first time he has really had a medical 'condition'. He also had to stand on the dreaded scales but I still don't know what the reading was so I shall have to have a quiet word with the nurse!

A member of the surgical team had a good long chat with us, explaining what the surgery would entail and roughly how long. We had a further visit from the anaethetist and another from a doc who took blood, almost an armful. Graeme also had a chest xray and an ECG test so quiet a busy morning. The afternoon however was a little less hectic as I understand he was wheeled down to theatre about 5 o'clock, no doubt pretty hungry and thirsty as he had no food or liquid (including gin) since 10 o'clock last night!

Surgery completed he is now residing in the recovery ward. He will stay there for tonight and receive one-to-one nursing care - which they cannot give on the ENT ward. I will be ringing in the morning for further info and to find out when I can visit.

So the first hurdle is over. Thank you for all your kind words, 'phone calls, messages etc. Keep them coming as they are very much valued by us both.

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  1. Hi Fiona,
    Tell Graeme that the Faslane Chaplaincy crew are thinking about him and hope all is well. No slipping a wee gin into the drip for him!!!

    — Margaret Reid · Wednesday 10 December, 2008 · #

  2. Good to hear all went well today. Laus Deo!

    — Nick De Keyser · Wednesday 10 December, 2008 · #

  3. You are both very much in our thoughts and prayers! If there is anything we can do, please let us know. Did not dare visit as we have both had terrible colds and coughs. It seems to be doing the rounds!
    The first hurdle over!
    With our love.

    — LIZ JACKSON · Thursday 11 December, 2008 · #

  4. Have only just discovered your site Graeme, and glad to hear the op. is over and done with. Sad about the lack of gin; I am sure members of the Parish Council will be shocked that it is not in your NHS diet. All of us at St.Mary Major Church are praying for you, but I am sure I did not have to tell you that….


    — Pat Morley · Thursday 11 December, 2008 · #

  5. Dearest Fiona and Graemepichi,
    Are the bolts in G’s neck brass or platinum? (Would love a ‘photo!) We are so relieved that part one of the ordeal seems to have gone on without a hitch and shall read the ‘blog’ with eager anticipation as to progress.
    Please be assured of our continued love, prayers and support. The K.C. is ablaze with candles. (The Governor is none too pleased that the incense keeps wafting through the minstrel’s gallery slats, I said slats, and is upsetting the bats in his wife’s, Lady Midge’s, belfry. Fah-fah, fah-fah! Such lucky people!

    Loadsalove, as aye,

    David+, Valerie et al super hanc petram.

    — David+ and Valerie, Gib · Friday 12 December, 2008 · #

  6. OMG I’m so ignorant and stupid I never knew G was ill Fi?
    I have been so busy with work and a few health probs of my own and hadn’t thought of looking into the Blog Spot.
    Please forgive me and I send my love and prayers to you both. Do send my love to G from me
    Lots of love to you
    Jez x

    — Jez Mouncer · Friday 12 December, 2008 · #

  7. Good to hear op went well, sorry there was no g&t in the anasthaeticI hope you are not making Fiona run around like a blue a***d whatnot.
    Remember, our prayers are with you both.
    Dick and Brenda

    — Dick Bidgood · Sunday 14 December, 2008 · #