Just a brief entry for today. Monday 11th May 2009

Graeme was re-admitted to the hospice today following a lovely family weekend at home. This is due to congestion in his throat, which he is unable to clear, and results in shortness of breath and ensuing anxiety. Graeme therefore feels more comfortable, confident and re-assured that help is close at hand at St Margaret’s - 24 hours a day. He is also sleeping and dozing a great deal so feels that in the hospice he can be moved between bed and chair easily and when required.

We have had excellent care and nursing support during his 12 days at home. It has been professional, compassionate and kind which we really appreciate at such an important and difficult time. Our sincere gratitude to all those involved.

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  1. Dear Graham

    I have been following your progress over the last few months and thinking of you often. I enjoyed meeting you again in recent years and particularly our ‘tour’ of Felbrigg Hall which in spite of being on our doorstop, and frequent walks in the grounds, I had failed to visit previously. The great courage with which you are dealing with your illness is humbling and the love and support of your family and close friends is obvious testomony to the affection in which you are held by so many. My thoughts are with you. Chris

    Chris Jennings · Thursday 14 May, 2009 · #

  2. Hi Graeme, I work with Fiona at SSDC and have been following your blog from time to time. You sound like an incredible person and your writing in this blog will be an inspiration to others that should survive us all. I hope this is ok, it is something that I have felt each time and dammit, I needed to say it to you. All the best. Roger.

    Roger Brown · Friday 15 May, 2009 · #

  3. Graeme and Fiona,
    We’ve just come back from seeing Ben and he was asking for you both, so expect a letter soon. we spent most of the time talking about Manadon, DRAKE etc and needless to say both Tom Burns and Michael Kirkpatrick were mentioned – wonder if their ears were burning!!

    We’re off again next week but will keep track of what’s going on with both of you. Fear not Graeme, Nancy being Nancy already has a VERY LARGE black hat suitable for a special occasion – but no doubt that won’t be a urprise to you knowing my love of hats and dressing up. God willing it won’t be for a while yet – travelling in hope is the only way forward. Love to you both. God Bless Nancy & David

    — Nancy & David · Friday 15 May, 2009 · #

  4. Hi to you both
    having heard of your illness a few weeks ago, Graeme, you are regularly in our thoughts and prayers. We, and particularly Sophie, Hannah and Laura well remember the good times we all had at St. Peters and the effect you had on our lives. As an aside, Laura (now 32) had a son last June and named him Gabriel Rafael. This is a great irony as they chose the names not as Arcangels but as names they simply like!
    All your Newlyn/Penzance/Mousehole friends say hello and echo our sentiments.
    Take good care and our prayers ( and those of Paul church) are with you
    With our love
    Rob and Sue. (plus the girls)

    — Rob and Sue in Newlyn · Saturday 16 May, 2009 · #

  5. Graeme I don’t like hats!!!!! I prefer tartan tammies lol. Or maybe one with Margaret written on it. I can’t see anything to do with Little Britain without thoughts of you and your melodious tones from the office. Every blessing to you and I am only sorry I am so far away and can’t visit but you are in my thoughts and pryers regularly.

    Margaret Reid · Saturday 16 May, 2009 · #