Post Op

When I visited The Patient this afternoon he was sitting in his chair, with his gas mask on, waiting for his next visitor!! Two clergymen had already 'popped in' during the morning, funny thing that. Peter King happened to be passing on his way to collect his 3 children from school before returning to Munster, Germany, for the Christmas holidays - a wonderful surprise! As was a visit from the Chaplain of HMS Ocean, John Morris, on his way to referee a rugger.

The op however went well with the tumour being successfully removed and a partial removal of the thyroid. He has a lovely cut throat held together by approximately 20 staples - I have a detailed photo for those who like that kind of thing - but it's not too gruesome in the picture I have uploaded. He has no pain but has acquired a rather sore throat and a very husky voice. The soreness is from the various tubes etc passed down the gullet and the huskiness from bruising of the voicebox - both should ease in due course. We are still awaiting the outcome of the histology tests and therefore what the next treament will be.

So far, so good!