Savannha, GA - USA - day 3

A fabulous couple of days in thjis most beautiful of US cities in deepest Georgia. The city was founded back in 1733 by British colonist General Oglethorpe and featured large in colonial and confederate history. Loads of beautiful leafy squares and tree lined avenues and 18th and 19th century houses - mostly beautifully restored.

We've been staying in "The Mansion on Forsyth Park' the only 5* hotel here in Savannah - an dhave been well looked after. We had dinner on Monday night in the famous 'Pink House' - a bit p**s elegant - but a delightful time and excellent menu and wine list. Yesterday (Tuesday) we went on various tiurs including the inevitrable hop on hop off trolley trip; some looks around old colonial style buildings; a liquid lunch in the Half Moon pub and brewery on the river front and in the evening a moonlight horse and carriage tour of the most haunted parts of town. In betwen times the local whiskey sours got a good testing out in various establishments - and all came up to par. Not normally a bourbon drinker, but when one is in the old south what can one do? It has (as they say) to be done!

Today we have had the most fabulous tour with our personal guide - Angela - a good ol' southern gal who took us on a tour of the scenes and sights from the famous novel by John Berendt set here in Savannah, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," made into a film starring Kevin Spacey, Jude Law and John Cusack. This included an amazing walking tour of the Bonaventure cemetery - an "awesome" experience. All rounded off with a lunch at Mrs Wilkes establishement. No menu - you have what's going...well there must have been fourteen or fifteen different dishes served, deep friend southern chicken, black-eye peas, sweet corn, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes; collards, bbq pork, baked beans, butter beans, green beans, turnip, rice, sausage - well the list goes on, all washed down with sweet iced tea - followed by bannana pudding - all for the princely sum of $16.- and more than one could possibly even imagine eating.

The weather here is great - about 33'C, sunny and blue skies - ideal. Later this afternoon we're driving the 90 minutes or so to the north for a couple of days stay in Charleston, South Carolina before returning to Calhoun, GA at the weekend. We'll probably do a little deteour to the cute little town of Beaufort,SC on the way. (See how I'm geting the lingo?? )

Now y'all have a good time, d'yer hear?