Sunday 19th St Margaret’s Hospice

I have now spent three days in St Margaret’s and am already feeling well settled in. My pleasant en-suite room has an amazing hoist contraption which means not only can I be easily lifted out of bed into a chair or wheelchair but I can even be transported into the bathroom to use the specially adapted facilities. Today for example I was sat in a wheelchair and Martin was able to take me for a spin around the grounds. For much of the rest of the day I was in my electronic recliner chair receiving visitors. First up this morning were Martin and Smita, followed after lunch by my dear friend Dave (Flash) Startup. Dave and I served in HMS Alacrity in 1987 and had several memorable runs ashore in Tampa, Florida and New Orleans. I was also privileged to officiate at Dave’s wedding to the lovely Jo.

Then it was the turn of Fiona, Peta and The Boys. I was so pleased in particular that 3-year-old grandson Bertie saw me f or the first time (this visit) in a chair rather than in bed. And it meant we could have a nice cuddle while at the same time holding Teddy in my arms – please latest pictures.

We spent a quality couple of hours together with lots of laughter and of course a few tears. Towards the end of their visit I was wonderfully surprised to see another old friend from HMS Alacrity walk through the door – one time lieutenant, now the Rev’d Father, Ian Wheatley. He and I are great pals – I sponsored him for his ordination training and was involved in some minor capacity(!) at both his wedding to the gorgeous Deborah and his First Mass. It was a real joy to see and to chat through some happy memories form over the past 20 odd years.

Ian had asked Deborah earlier today what present he should bring me here in the hospice and she suggested a bottle of Gordon’s gin. Ian wondered if I had enough time left to get through a whole bottle of gin and suggest half a bottle! I think the conversation between Fr and Mrs Wheatley broke down at this point. Ha ha!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and we wait to see what the future holds as the days go by. What is certain is that I do not have an open ticket to stay here indefinitely so we must face some difficult decisions over the course of the next few weeks. All will be revealed here on your fav blog. In the mean time please continue with your prayers, messages and visits.

Visitors – please touch base with Fiona by phone or

Have a good week. G

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  1. Graham & Fiona as normal we have been thinking about you all but especially the teo of you. It is lovely to hear you are near Fiona now and she hasn’t got the trip up the A37 etc.

    We’ve been looking at our Wedding Photos this week as one of David’s Grand-daughters is marrying in St.Nich’s on Saturday (25th) to a Logistics (Personnel) or Writer to us oldies!! David’s Aunt is down with us for the wedding hence the look at the photos. Needless to say you were spotted amongst the many there.

    Glad you’ve had Peta and the family down with you. The photos are good and Martin has changed somewhat since I last saw him!

    Love and God’s Blessing to you both

    Nancy & David

    — Nancy & David Hill · Wednesday 22 April, 2009 · #