Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Just driven the 490miles from Atlanta, Georgia to Memphis - motorway all the way, but saw some stunning countryside as we rose through the approaches to the Appalachians. Miles of countryside - apparently untouched. One forgtets just how vast this country is - and how much spare space is out there. Fortunately our Frod Crown Princess just ate up the miles and with petrol at only $2.93 a gallon - who cares!!!??

Had a quiet weekend recovering from the long hot days in Savannah and Charleston - but did some shopping - went out to dinner with the neighbours and yesterday a rollicking good mass at the local RC church buried away between dozens on southern baptist chapels with weird sounding names. But the beer was cold and it was great sitting on the front porch of "our" house with nothing but the sounds of the forest in which it is set....and the whiff of an ocassional passing skunk!

Well here we are at the Peabody hotel - another 5* pleasure to enjoy for the next couple of days - but what am I doing here??? It's off on the city bus tour and a recce of GRacelands which will be tomorrow's main event. Mercy me!