Atlanta GA; USA

Made the epic journey back from Memphis yesterday - 400 miles! It was tempting to stop off at Nashville on the way, but as there is an hour's time difference betweent Georgia and Tennessee, weariness got th ebetter of us and we headed straight back to our accomodation and a little liquid refreshment!!!

Just amazing to reflect on standing in Elvis' house tho!

A really easy day today - a little bit of domestic arrangements - a sit on the porch to read and meditate and tonight off to the Longhorn Steak House for a "rare" treat.

Tomorrow (Friday) its off to the airport for an 1830 departure (that's 2330 UK time) and into Gatwick on Saturday morning at 0740. That drive home will be doen again in reverse on Tuesday next when we set off for a 48 hour visuit to Munster, Germany to wrap-up things there. Home for good on the 31st and a Hallowe'en party to look forward to and my new job starts on Momnday 3rd November, Packed programme eh?