Graeme Elmore has seen the doc.....

This afternoon I attended the oncology unit in Bristol and saw ENT consultant Mr Baldwin. The news, I am afraid is not good. The cancerous tumour on my thyroid has to come out sooner rather than later; as it is not immediately life threatening that will happen sometime in the next couple of weeks when I will be admitted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Certainly before Christmas.

He confirmed that I have carcinomas in the bone on my shoulder (scapular) and in the bones of my rib cage. They have also discovered carcinogenic cells in my lungs. In other words the cancer has spread and they will seek to address this with radiotherapy – I do not have a date for when this will start.

As I say, this is not good news, and for someone who has hardly had a day’s illness in his life it comes as quite a shock to the system and will certainly require some readjustment. Obviously my thoughts at this time are for Fiona and my family and the uncertain future we face.

Many thanks to so many of my family, friends, chums and acquaintances who have promised their prayers and thoughts and best wishes. Keep ‘em coming in. Meanwhile I need to go and take some medicine….now where is the Schweppes…..???