St Margaret’s Hospice, Yeovil, Monday 27th April

G’day! May I first of all kindly draw your attention to Fiona’s Appeal on the previous blog entry. St Margaret’s Hospice, along with a number of other agencies, are endeavouring to put a homecare package in place in order that I may return home. This involves not only a considerable amount of specialist equipment (most of which arrived today) but also nurses and carers calling at regular intervals during the day and live-in carers during the night. Despite all this we would very much value any help you can offer by generally just being at home with me during daytimes and particularly on Tuesdays Wednesday and Thursdays.

I had a lovely load of visitors over the weekend and today. Martin and Smita, Lizzie and Gerry, old school chum Alastair Wood and his charming wife Emma, Commodore Richard Lord, Fr Clive and Pauline Parnell-Hopkinson, Fr Robert Pyne, neighbour Bob Cruikshanks, Jonathan Coulson, Fr John Hill, Fr Peter and Jane Scott. I must give a special mention to the lovely Frenchay girls who have been in touch.

The plan is for me to return home on Wednesday, probably for 24 hours, in order to finely adjust the care-package then back home again on Friday. But the whole package is complex and expensive so we will have to see how it goes. As for myself I am trying to keep cheerful and my spirits up but I am aware of feeling slightly weaker, more tired and generally under the weather. I still do not fancy drinking alcohol and my appetite is certainly not what it was, which is undoubtedly why I have lost 4 stone. I delight in seeing my family and friends but please be kind enough to speak with Fiona before you visit/pop in.

The staff here at the Hospice are fantastic and the facilities second-to-none, but I am keep my fingers crossed that the home visit will go well on Wednesday and that I can see out at least some of my time at Dunpreachin.

Best wishes G

p.s. If you would like to visit, please contact Fiona first, either by phone or using

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  1. dear G & F
    am hoping and praying that the visit home went well so that transfer for much longer period will go ahead. I read Fiona’s request for assistance and only wish I could be amongst those who oblige but sadly i can offer prayers and many thoughts but nothing more practical

    I am sure you are both too busy and dedicated to making sure Graeme is comfortable so please do not think about replying.
    I will keep watch on the blog and once again prayer that the home care package goes as smoothly as can be expected.
    much love to you both
    Laine xoxox

    — elaine renfrey · Thursday 30 April, 2009 · #