Had a great night out last night with Martin, Peta & Cole - whlst Bertie was left "at home" with a kind sitter. Had an excellent trad German meal in the restaurant of Munster's own Altstadt brewery - Braurei Pinkus. More sauerkraut than you could shake a stick at (why woiuld you want to do that?) and of course, being a brewery the beer was top notch!

Not a bad turn-out at mass in S George's Church, York Barracks, Munster this morning, and enjoyed the (what for me is a...) novelty of a female preacher! The address was given by Major Sheila Smith, Salvation Army, who with husband Mike run the Red Shield Club here in Munster and are not only regular members of our congregation but are much valued members of the chaplaincy team.

This afternoon will (sadly) be taking Fiona and Martin to Dortmund airport for their journey back to the UK after a week's visit that has gone all too quickly - but had fantastic weather this week - in fact probably the most consistently good weather this year.