2nd May - Home

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be able to return home to Dunpreachin. But this had involved an enormous amount of hard work, organisation and co-operation between different health care agencies. The two prime movers were Peter Ricou, the in-house social worker at St Margaret’s Hospice and their principle occupational therapist, Carol Crabb.

Our dining room here at home is now my bedroom with a specialist hospital bed with air mattress, a hoist and (let the reader understand) on the spot bathroom facilities. The conservatory with a special recliner chair is now my day room. My nursing care consists of two nurses visiting four times a day: a resident night nurse as well as occasional visits from the district nurse, local GP and assessors. My drug regime is now sorted out and Fiona is IC pills and potions.

It’s still early days but we are hoping that the remaining glitches and problems will soon be ironed out as the team gets into a routine. Of course the biggest burden falls on Fiona but despite which I hope it’s easier than travelling daily to and from hospital or hospice. We very much value those of our family, friends and neighbours who have been able to offer help, especially in giving Fiona some time off. Tina Cullen, bless her heart, was the first to be called upon – today in fact – when she very kindly sat with me for an hour so to allow Fiona to pop out.

I’ve had a number of lovely visitors recently, not least Capt Paul Whyte who has now gone back to sea; Home Counties based cousins the lovely Sylvia, Erica and Paul; my three gorgeous ‘Spanish’ cousins, Lynda, Claudia and Francesca; Rev Ron Martin; Richard and Deidre Williamson; Sherille Prout and Alison Jones; Fr Simon Beveridge (looking good in his Harris tweed jacket); Capt Roger Robinson-Brown but sadly I missed - Fr Mark Jackson, Cllr Pat Morley and Sally Trayhurn when they called. Thanks to those who have sent flowers, especially Caroline and Richard Williams who have now moved to France.

Having spent six weeks in institutions with the finest of nursing care it is fabulous to back in one’s own home despite the fact that my movements around the house are extremely limited and I certainly hope I can remain here for the foreseeable future. The only proviso at the moment is if Fiona cannot carry the burden, which with help, I hope she will.

In myself I am still feeling relatively well for most of the time but I do tire very easily so if I am lucky enough to receive a visit from you and you have travelled some distance, it may be that I shall have to take a break at some point during your call. So many thanks once more to those of you who have been able to travel to Somerset and also for the cards and messages of good will that we continue to receive. Please excuse me not replying to each individually – but that’s why I have this blog!!!!

If you would like to visit please get in touch with Fiona by telephone or email elmores@btinternet.com

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  1. Hi Graeme,
    Glad to hear you are home at last and able to enjoy the birds in your own back garden singing in this glorious weather we are having.

    Unfortunately we aren’t able to help out on any of the days you mentioned but one of us is usually around in the evenings or at weekends if that is of any use. Also, if Fiona needs a hand with any mundane tasks such as lawn mowing or shopping, etc please give us a shout.

    If your Grandchildren are visiting again don’t forget we have numerous toys and books we can drop in.

    Take care, you are both in our thoughts.

    — Martin & Gill Smith · Sunday 3 May, 2009 · #