An appeal - family, friends and neighbours

St Margaret’s Hospice, Yeovil where Graeme is currently staying is hoping to put a home care package in place to enable him to return home. This will involve an enormous amount of professional support and specialist equipment. Nevertheless I still need some personal support, which is where you may be able to help. I am looking for volunteers amongst our family, friends and acquaintances who can either:

1. Offer me an occasional hour or two to sit with Graeme while I do shopping etc

2. Offer me a morning, afternoon or whole day to sit with Graeme and generally to be around - any day of the week would be a help but particularly Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I know this a lot to ask but if you can offer any help we would be extremely grateful and I would be obliged if you would email in the first instance, indicating. if you can, what sort of help you may be able to offer ie dates, times, days of week etc. I will then contact you to discuss further, so please include a phone number in your email!

Many thanks

Fiona and Graeme.

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  1. Hi Fiona,
    It’s a bit far, but you know we would help if we didn’t live in Scotland.
    Tell G he is always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love Dickand Brenda

    — Dick Bidgood · Tuesday 28 April, 2009 · #

  2. Dearest Graemepichi, Fiona et al,
    We felt we were with you when (a) We knew that John was visiting on Sunday and also when (b) You were very especially mentioned at your beloved King’s Chapel, Gibraltar when your (former) Archdeacon celebrated the Holy Mysteries and preached at KC. We have had an opportunity to get un mano a mano info-pack from John on his return and are so grateful of being able to follow progress on your blog. The prospect of your iminent return to Dunpreachin is comforting even though we understand the depth of discomfort and pain you must be in currently. I would so love to fly out from Gib to see you, maybe later next month but would, of course, closely liaise with Fi as to when and if that were possible.
    We celebrate the 700th. Anniversary of the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe on Tuesday next. An huge structure has been erected at Europa Point which will hold 4,000 faithful. There are 2 Cardinal Archbishops, 2 Cardinals, 20 bishops and 80 priests together with a goodly number of non-RC clergy, foreign royalty and politicians and civic dignitories. I’ve been invited to do the honours from the GBC commentary box right next to the High Altar, which is a thrill. We had a prelim run-through yesterday which brought tears to my eyes, mainly because I’m allergic to the feathers on the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre’s jaunty caps! There is to be enough lace worn to make the most bedecked Walsinghamite drip with hate! It really is going to be a very special affair and I have asked that your name be placed on the altar, on vellum, along with all those who need special prayers at this time, at the ‘ultra’ pontifical Mass and at the feet of Nuestra Virgencita de Europa.
    Please be assured of our unending love and prayers.

    As aye,

    David+, Valerie, Sarah, Dominic, Adam and Marc.

    (The Hoares of Governor’s Lane!)

    — David+ and Valerie, Gib · Thursday 30 April, 2009 · #