Easter Tuesday, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol Been here now for more than four weeks. It looks as if my wound continues to heal nicely, but evidently deep spinal wounds involving metalwork are notoriously difficult to heal, so it will one more week before the doctors are confident that it has repaired to the desired level. My legs are still largely without movement or feeling beneath the knees. I am therefore still bed-bound and immobile but my upper body strength seems ok and with a great deal of effort I can just about move legs a tadge but with little control and little feeling. It is of course the mobility problem that is causing me the greatest headache. The radioiodine treatment to zap the cancer cells is dependant on my being mobile and able to look after myself in isolation. So all that is standing between me and the possibility of a longer lease on life are my unmoving legs. I had a long discussion yesterday with my dear friend Nadeem Gulzar and between us we found it hard to believe that with all the technology and science at man’s disposal a way cannot be found to treatment me. The problem is the radioactivity. And if I am not mobile I would need fairly frequent nursing care and support. Surely someone somewhere has a solution to the problem! Visitors. What a joy it was to my sister Lizzie, along with Gerry on Saturday on their return from S Africa. Lizzie as usual was full of joie de vive and up-beat and like most of my visitors was very encouraging and willing me on to better health. I look forward to seeing them again next weekend. Also over the Easter weekend, Fr Peter Farrell, Capt Paul Whyte and of course Fiona, Martin, Peta, Cole, Smita and little Bertie and Teddy all came to see me. Today as well as family, Sister Thecla came with Holy Communion as she does twice every week. Tomorrow I am looking forward to more family visits and well as Fr Danny Hernandez and Fr David Wylie. Please may I remind you that I am not accessing my hotmail account at the moment any messages should be sent via Fiona. Greetings and best to all family and friends.