Good Friday Frenchay Hospital, Bristol Many greetings to everyone at this Easter time. Sadly, I’m still here in hospital and I’m glad to say that I have with me today Fiona, Martin, who is kindly typing (brilliantly) for me, and Smita. Not much change to report in my condition, save that I am feeling a bit stronger, I’m sleeping well, I’ve regained some of my appetite and my pain levels are still very much under control. The wound on my back from last week’s operation is healing nicely and mercifully there does not appear to be any infection. But I’m still on anti-biotics, pain relief and a range of other drugs. I think there might be a slight improvement in the movement in my lower limbs but I’ve not managed much more than being able to sit upright on the edge of my bed and slightly move my legs backwards and forwards, so I’m getting physiotherapy but I will need a lot more to recover any sort of mobility. Without the mobility of course I cannot have the radioiodine treatment so in as far as I’m immobile the picture is not too good. But there’s always hope and I’m still hoping to recover that movement, get the treatment and beat the bastard! But that’s a big if, and but. In the meantime the fantastic staff here at Frenchay are doing their best to get me into St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil and I hope that might happen sooner, rather than later to be nearer home. Because of the long-term nature of my illness I have reluctantly resigned from Combat Stress. It was a difficult decision to make but I have to face the reality that the chances of my returning to work, even if I recover, are virtually nil. I would publicly wish to pay tribute to all at Combat Stress for their kindness, forbearance and encouragement over the last few months and a special thanks to the staff for their recent card and gift which was very much appreciated. While thanking all at Combat Stress I must also thank my livery company, The Coachmakers of London, for their recent generosity, their best wishes and their concern. I’ve been blessed with some wonderful visitors over the last few days, my darling cousin, Sylvia and Paul, Fr Mark Jackson, Graham Wood, plus my friends of many years Clive Parnell-Hopkinson, Alan & Jackie Simmons and Chris & Joss Sanderson. I’m glad to say that all my family are down visiting us in the Westcountry this weekend. Martin and Smita arrived last night, Peta with Bertie and Teddy arrived on Wednesday (and we had a lovely hour and a half together) and, last but not least, Cole arrived first thing this morning on the Edinburgh flight to Bristol. So, it’s good to know that they’re all together at Dunpreachin and that over the course of the holiday weekend they will each in turn be coming across to see me and that’s always something to look forward to. But how I wish I could be at home with them! Oh well! As our Jewish friends say, “next year in Jerusalem!” I have several things I wish to focus my mind, a) do what I can to recover my strength and health, and b) coming to terms with the possibility that, despite all best efforts, I have to face the real possibility of my demise. Neither has the upper hand in my mind. I’m trying to juggle the two, being positive and upbeat whilst being realistic. The next major thing is to get into the hospice nearer home. Renewed thanks for all messages and greetings. Please note I am rarely accessing my hotmail account and I’m not keen on speaking on the telephone so if you would like to make contact please do so via Fiona by phone, text or All best wishes G

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  1. Hi Graeme and Fiona,

    We have just heard your news. We are all thinking of you, Graeme, and all your family. You are in our prayers; Tim is with us for the weekend and also sends his love.

    With much love, Rod and Sue (Sod and Rue!).

    — Sue and Rod Varlow · Monday 13 April, 2009 · #