From Frenchay Hospital, Monday Evening Had a wonderful visit on Sunday afternoon, from Commodore Richard Lord. We first met in 1990 when I was at HMS Dryad, he was a Cdr up at Southwick Hill, Portsmouth. We coincided again when we were next door neighbours in Gibraltar in 1997. He then went onto become COMCLYDE in Faslane and has now retired from the Royal Navy. He and Denise now live in delightful Wilton, not too far from sunny Ilchester. We spent an extremely enjoyable hour together during which time without too much effort I persuaded Richard to push me in a wheelchair around the hospital precincts – hard work for him but a very welcome and pleasant change of scenery for me. Fiona as usual came in the evening and I was already beginning to endure more physical discomfort than I had done for several days. So much so that for the first time I actually indicated that it was time for Fiona to go. Despite having a reasonably good night’s sleep, this morning I was in considerable pain. I had made a big mistake – I mistakenly thought that asking for extra pain relief was a retro-grade step. I had last taken morphine last Tuesday and was reluctant to request it again, but I have now had my knuckle rapped. More than one member of the Team pointed out to me during the course of the forenoon that after two or three operations, including this major surgery on my back, and with the on-going healing process and the fact that I probably over-did it at the weekend, to say nothing of the underlying and brooding cancers that will be dealt with by the radioactive iodine, it’s hardly surprising!!! The pain will be there. It can be kept under control. And until the whole process is complete I must not under any circumstances resist taking my painkillers as and when required. So today I have spent almost complete 100% bed rest and I must say I am feeling much better for it this evening. It also meant I could give Fiona another afternoon off and I am glad so say she is here with me now (typing). Tomorrow (Tuesday) I am expecting to spend some time with physiotherapists and am eagerly anticipating a visit from dearest friend Penny Laker. Penny and I met when we were at youth club together in Wimbledon sooooo may years ago and it would be ungallant to say anymore! Nevertheless she has a special place in my heart and is always a joy to be with. Also I am expecting to see Fr Danny Hernandez – another Gibaltarian friend now a Chaplain with the British Army. The really, really good news is – please God – I will be getting home Thursday forenoon, 15 days after I was admitted. Peta with grandsons Bertie and Teddy will be home for the weekend, along with Martin and Smita, who I understand has kindly agreed to prepare an Indian supper on Saturday evening. You will understand that I can’t find words to express how much I am looking forward to it. Once I am home you know how much I love seeing friends and visitors but please do not call without making an appointment with Fiona. Please do not feel I am being ungrateful but look forward to seeing you in due course. Next update on Wednesday.

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  1. Have everything crossed that you will indeed be home on Thursday.
    I am now home from seeing our new grandson safely into the world and look forward to being able to come see you both sometime when it is possible to squeeze us in amongst your family and long standing close friends.
    I think this could be a way off for us yet as you have so many of them, so meanwhile
    …enjoy the homecoming x

    — Chrissie Jarvis · Tuesday 17 March, 2009 · #

  2. Glad everything went well I was talking to TG the other day he is just back from the Gulf where he visited ships there. Well Rev Britchfield is now on resettlement leave and becomes Parish Minister of Lecropt Kirk, Bridge of Allan on 1st April. So it is all change at Neptune again. The joys of the Navy just get settled then they play musical chairs. Anyway hope your progress continues and will keep you Fiona and the family in prayers. Take care and every blessing.

    Margaret Reid · Saturday 21 March, 2009 · #