We’re on the move! Thursday morning after two long weeks it’s back to Ilchester. All has been busy at Dunpreachin, a bed has been temporarily moved into the dining room and all sorts of bathroom aids, equipment and exotica have been delivered by local agencies of one sort or the other. A wheelchair ambulance has been arranged and apart from some unforeseen mishap I will be home again Thursday lunchtime. I think it’s probably been the longest fortnight of my life. A physical, spiritual and emotional roller-coaster of a ride, during which time I have learnt more than I could possibly commit to my blog this evening. But I will go as far as to say that I have learnt more in the last three weeks that I could have possibly ever imagined. So, let me warn you off - many a profound meaningful and emotional conversation will be taking place around the dinning room tables at Dunpreachin when we meet again over the next weeks and months! Let me assure you however whatever lessons or wisdom may emerge there will be no diminution in the usual wit and humour department. Passing through this way yesterday were Penny Laker, who filled our drab little ward with her vivaciousness which got all my fellow ward-inmates a-sparkle! And later I had the pleasure of introducing her to Fr Danny Hernandez who stopped by with the Sacraments. Today a most welcome return visit from Fr Peter Farrell with whom an hour spent seemed like a mere twinkling of an eye. Plots for future outings were rehatched and we parted with smiles and warm glows of friendship. And finally one of my newer friends, currently the Methodist Chaplain at RNAS Yeovilton, The Rev’d Ron Martin, RN, came to see me – what a delightful time we had. Home then! And a family gathering for Mothering Sunday weekend. You will appreciate that I am going to have to restrain my usual enthusiasms and pass control of the diary, the front door and the telephone to Fiona at this crucial stage of proceedings when much progress is being made. I cannot afford to take risks or further jeopardise my health. And as much as you know I love to see my family and friends please allow Fiona to be my gate-keeper but I hope to hear from you and I shall up dating over the weekend. PS managed a flight of stairs!