Not a nice day here in Somerset today – the wind is howling and the wind is lashing and it’s cold and miserable outside – but of course within Dunpreachin all is calm and warm – a bit womb like really - and far too comfortable to leave. The log basket is all topped-up, some mood music playing in the background and I’m settling down this afternoon with Andrew Marr’s “A History of Modern Britain,” a largish paperback tome – but decidedly readable and totally fascinating. How does he get time to do all this writing when he’s on the telly so much? A talented man – obviously!

We had a little bevy of most welcome visitors over the weekend including Captain George Jarvis and the charming Chrissy en route for Torquay. George and I sailed together a few times, so terrific to see and old shipmate, to catch-up on all the news and compare notes about friends we have in common. And then Fiona’s Caledonian connection in the person of cousin Zara who had driven all the way from Aberdeen to pick-up a new BMW in Yeovile. She didn’t take too much persuasion to stay overnight with us, and we were rewarded with a delicious takeaway Chinese dinner from the local Riverbank restaurant. It was great to see her again – and our kudos was enhanced by the parking of a large luxury car outside our humble home. And this morning another expensive looking BMW belonging to a dear and long-standing friend – Rabbi Malcolm Weisman who called in for coffee on his way to Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

While Malcolm was here I took a call from the medical team in Bristol to say that the orthopædic surgeon who will hopefully operate on my scapula cannot see me until next Tuesday. So that means that the radiotherapy treatment will have to move right by a week or so. So a bit of a disappointment – because the “condition” is obviously not getting better by itself and I am in some discomfort and pain with it all, so I’m anxious for things to happen as rapidly as possible. Having said that, so far everything has happened in pretty good time – so no complaints, but obviously this delay is a bit of a minor irritation.

This afternoon I had planned an outing to Westonzoyland and the site of the Civil War battle of Sedgemoor – but that will have to wait for a sunnier day and perhaps the next update here.

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  1. This means that George and I exend our good wishes for successful surgery and treatment by a week or so also!
    We will be thinking of you …and Fiona.

    — Chrissie Jarvis · Wednesday 14 January, 2009 · #