The mid-December sunshine today was very welcome after the rains of the past week when much of the surrounding low-lying Somerset countryside was under water. The sheep in the field next door to the house – just across the Fosse Way – were looking contented enough, as here we’re fortunately on a raised knoll above the River Ivel that flows through the village and is prone to flooding. Fortunately for Ilchester folk, quite a lot of work has been done in recent years on flood defences so although the river was high and the next-door village of Yeovilton was flood bound, Ilchester avoided the worst of it. Not so Queen Camel, the village just beyond Yeovilton, which was inundated with a considerable quantity of water flowing off the flood plain. The village school is closed and the children being bussed to the village school here. As I look across the field to St Peter’s Church in Podimore I am very much aware that the soil is of a clayey nature alternating with gravel upon a subsoil of clay. Water retentive. (Can’t you get pills for that?) The surface is level and therefore subject to be flooded in winter. But today the sun shone all day, and very beautiful it was. Tonight the sky is fairly clear and I thonk we can expect a frost by morning. One of the docs from our GP surgery came to see me this morning and gave me a good looking over, and thought that perhaps the week-old wound might perhaps be starting a teeny-weeny infection. It was slightly red in one or two places along its 8” length, and my throat area is still swollen and has quite a lot of bruising – as does my chest. So I’m on a week’s course of anti-biotics. “Better safe than sorry,” I say. Also went to see the lovely Practice Nurse at the surgery this afternoon who very kindly took out my 23 staples – painlessly – and affixed some temporary paper strips to help keep everything together. It looks to me as if it is mending very nicely – and one week post-surgery – I think we’re on track. To be honest I am just grateful to be at home and in my own bed, and as lovely as the lovely nurses were in Southmead, Fiona is the best at looking out for my interests – well obviously! Today – just started doing the Christmas cards. Oh dear! A bit late, but hope to get them all in the post by Friday. Now to the important question of whether to have a cheeky gin or not. I did ask the Registrar on leaving hospital on Monday, “Can I drink alcohol?” And the enigmatic reply was, “I’m sure you can!” My intention was to hang-out ‘til the weekend…but what the hell! Let’s throw all caution to the wind…

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  1. Good to hear you are on the mend. Do remember that throwing caution to the wind does not mean adding up all the G&Ts you missed in hospital and getting through them in one go….
    salut… santé…. l’chaim…. na zdorovje

    — Nick De Keyser · Wednesday 17 December, 2008 · #

  2. I’m sure gin is a very good antiseptic!! Taken internally not dabbed on the outside.
    Lots of love. & see you soon.

    — Val · Thursday 18 December, 2008 · #

  3. Graeme

    Your positive attitude is a great asset.
    I read your descriptions of Somerset and are there.
    We drive over the Hog’s back each morning and there is always something to marvel at.

    You and Fiona are still very much in our prayers and I hope a visit to us in early 2009 will be in your diary

    with love


    — Sarah Ashton · Friday 19 December, 2008 · #