Sorry about the delay in updating, it’s been a hectic weekend at Dunpreachin.

The medical team at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, discharged me in a wheelchair ambulance affording wonderful high up views of a gorgeous Somerset springing into bud and bloom. The sun shone brilliantly, the sky was a deep blue, the birds were busy about their nesting and suddenly the year has a taken another new turn. The nearly two-hour journey gave me time to reflect on the previous two weeks spent in hospital and to happily anticipate a family weekend. All the time, however, I was being very careful to tell myself that I had to pace the weekend. Fiona has set a spare bed in the Dining room with easy access to the conservatory, the loo and all required facilities. So Thursday night Fiona and I spent having an extremely quiet, but enjoyable, reunion. Sadly all was not well on Friday morning. I had managed to pull the wound and although the night had been comfortable – I was covered in blood. NB Fiona takes over the script from here on:A quick ‘phone call to the ‘Out of Hours’ NHS Service to alert the district nurse to the situation, before she was due to arrive later that morning to what she thought would be a routine wound dressing. Another ‘phone call to Barbara Sutcliffe, friend and nurse, who came running and gave us wonderful moral and corporeal support for the rest of the morning. Then another ‘phone call to request Jonathan Coulson, who was due to sit with Graeme while I collected Peta and the Boys from Bristol airport, if we could swap rôles. The District Nurse cleaned up Graeme and consulted the Frenchay spinal nurse who thought he may have to go back to hospital. But G argued his case and was allowed to stay at home, with nurses calling twice daily to mop up, pad out and redress the wound. An appointment was made for Tuesday morning with the consultant and an ambulance ordered to deliver him to the hospital by 11 o’clock. However, when the nurse called on Monday morning she again called the spinal nurse and it was decided that a direct return to Frenchay was in order. So a quick packing of a case and a spot of lunch before the ambulance carefully whisked him away. Back to Friday. Peta, Gethin and Felix duly arrived after a very smooth journey, thanks to Easyjet and Jonathan, for lunch. Shortly after lunch Martin and Smita, drew up on the front grass having driven down from London. The family gathering was complete! We had a wonderful weekend together - all getting acquainted with four week old little Felix and Smita, Martin’s girlfriend. Felix is a delightful, contented chap, quite adorable – just like his loving, big brother Gethin. Gethin entertained himself beautifully – watering the garden and playing with toys borrowed from kind neighbours. He was taken round the Fleet Air Arm Museum on Saturday Morning by Uncle Martin and Smita as Martin required an excuse to go, and gave Peta a break!!Poor Smita – was dropped in at the deep end! She has the family seal of approval – including from my sister, Claire, and my parents who happily joined us for roast lamb lunch Sunday. She just mucked and fitted in – even cooking a delish curry on Saturday evening. We are so blessed with our children, grandchildren and family – thank you for being soooo helpful and supportive. We are all getting together again over the Easter period and looking forward to it greatly.

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  1. Our thoughts and very best wishes for a speedy return home where you must be missed so much.
    George and Chrissie

    — Chrissie Jarvis · Sunday 29 March, 2009 · #

  2. Dear Graeme & Fiona,

    I am at a loss as to what to say on all these set backs. I can only send you both my love and prayers for a step forward and a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep smiling and, when allowed, take the gin!!


    — Andy Willmett · Monday 30 March, 2009 · #