Sunday Frenchay Hospital, Bristol Ward 201 looks like remaining my home for the next week or two at least. I had a surprise visit on Saturday evening from my oncologist consultant, Matt Beaseley, who spelt out my future. He described my cancer as aggressive and that it needs to be dealt with by the radioiodine treatment as quickly as possible. However, this is entirely dependant on my becoming mobile as I shall be in isolation and must be able to care for myself. I am please therefore to be able to report that I do have feeling and some movement in my lower limbs but my legs are weak and need to recover from lack of use and the bruising and compression on the spine. It is going to be an immense job recovering my mobility but the alternative is I’m afraid the bleakest of tales. The wonderful thing is that I am surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals, who are doing all they can to encourage, support and drive me on. The nursing staff, in particular, are being completely and utterly outstanding – there are no words of mine that can thank them enough. I had two lots of friends visit me yesterday. Fr Francis and Barbara Sutcliffe stopped by for half and hour and later Mike and Jackie Philips – whose marriage I was privileged to bless some 30 or more years ago at St Oswald’s, Norbury. Today Martin and Smita travelled all the way down from London to spend a couple of hours with me. Here with me this evening are Fiona, kindly brought by her sister Claire, and also my mother-in-law Marian. Please note I am not accessing my hotmail emails so for the time being if you would like to contact me, please do it via Fiona on our address. All greets for Holy Week.

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  1. Hi Graeme & Fiona – We’re still following your blog and are pleased to read that despite all the discomfort, little pleasures are providing much happiness. You both remain in our thoughts and congrats on becoming grandparents again. Much love, Alex, Liz and Bump Hall.

    — Liz Hall · Wednesday 8 April, 2009 · #

  2. Dear Graeme

    Our prayers and best wishes are with you at this moment in time. We pray for a quick and full recovery for you and look forward to catching up with you in person.

    All our love

    Nadeem, Laura and Aurelia

    — Nadeem Gulzar · Wednesday 8 April, 2009 · #

  3. Much love and Easter Greetings to you both from the Conybeares!

    Please can you send me your btinternet e-amil address – Bill and Brenda Clarke would like it.

    — The Conybeare Family · Friday 10 April, 2009 · #