Friday 16th, I was up before the lark to get the Easyjet shuttle from Bristol up to bonny Scotland. Driving along side the large ditches near Glastonbury I passed three herons within a few feet of the car – an amazing sight and a great pity I didn’t have time to stop for some photos. Ah well, I could always get up early on my next day off!!! Peta and the Boys were at Edinburgh airport with a lovely welcome and we spent a restful day playing, shopping and generally pottering.

Saturday Cole took Gethin to their local hospital as he had a nasty case of impetigo, which was getting worse despite being on a course of anti-biotics. The dermatologist gave detailed instructions, duly written down by Cole so nothing was missed, changed his anti-biotics and a prescription for yet more potions. The little lad was very good and received a new toy car as a reward. The next morning there was a marked improvement and his skin has continued to respond well to the treatments. It also means he will be able to see his friends again, who he’s very much missed, as he has been in quarantine for the past 2 weeks. By Saturday evening it was adults only out to dinner so Peta and Cole’s friend, Denise, was engaged to baby-sit. Felix was asleep before we went out which gave Gethin and Denise the opportunity to have a little playtime and book reading time together – well about an hour and I’m not sure who enjoyed it most! We had a delightful meal at a lovely canal side bistro during which we chatted over old times and idiosyncrasies of families. Despite a late night we were up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go out at 11 o’clock the next morning. We met up with Cole’s parents, Sarah and Deryck, in Edinburgh and wondered around the Treefest, avoiding the heavy downpours as we ate our pasties. Not very Scottish fare but very good all the same! There was a beautiful, old fire engine, converted for serving lovely, hot drinks next to axe-throwers and chain saw wood modelling. After lunch we drove to a lovely country estate, Bonnington House, whose surrounding land has been made into an open-air art park. We spent a relaxing couple of hours walking round, on and through the sculptures carried out by the Jupiter Artland Foundation. Monday afternoon we had a stroll round Queensferry, stopping for a cuppa in smart coffee bar overlooking the Firth of Forth. Then we went down to the waterside and Gethin had a wonderful time throwing stones into the river, while Peta and I tried to take photos of the splashes. Sadly my thoroughly enjoyable weekend had all too soon come to an end and after emotional farewells it was time for Easyjet to whisk me back south.