60 Hours in (48 hrs post op)

As dictated by The Patient

An extraordinary experience being wheeled down to theatre. A totally new thing. On the trolley in the theatre ante-room a whole green-glad gaggle of assorted doctors and nurses peered at me and stuck needles in me. The next recall was six hours later at 10 pm when I awoke in resuss, where I remained for the rest of the night. At some point in the night I drank some water having mistaken it for a waylaid G & T.

In the morning a refreshing sort if bed bath (I did the personal bits myself!) and then back to the ENT ward. No pain fortunately but a of a sore throat for the first 24 hours and difficulty in swallowing. However, swallowing now ok and soreness disappearing. My voice remains very husky as I have lost some of the voice-making equipment - but hopefully most of it will come back. My throat shows definite signs of being cut, with an 8" scar now stapled together and a couple of drains. But feeling ok and positive. Hoping to be home on Monday ABW.