I heard from the hospital in Bristol yesterday morning. I have an appointment with the surgeon, Mr Baldwin on Tuesday at 1500 in Bristol - and in all places at Bristol Dental Hospital. Seems a bit bizarre, but who am I to complain - the NHS has certainly got its proverbial into gear as far as I'm concerned. I was told that on Tuesday I will get a date fir the surgery and also a "treatment regime" for the other bits on my shoulder and side. For someone who has hardly had a day's illness in his life (can't even remember when I last had a a common cold!), it's all a bit daunting. Apart from an inconsequential stay in the Royal Naval Hospital in Gibraltar for 24 hours ten years ago, I have never been admitted to hospital and don't view the prospect with much joy. The closest I have come into contact with hospitals is Holby City where there are far too many dramas with the staff.

Great Livery Dinner last night in the City in the glittering surroundings of The Ironmongers Hall. The hall must be one f the finest in the City, paintings, and silver and oak panelling and crystal everywhere - a fabulous place to enjoy a champagne reception and a sumptuous five course dinner. I - even I - could not consume all that was put before me.

Back down to Somerset this afternoon for the weekend - can't get wait to get to enjoy the fabulous countryside and perhaps a little imbibing of the local brew - the rough stuff - obviously!