Following Graeme's re-entry into Frenchay on Monday he has been comfortable and able to rest. The nursing and spcialist staff are very good, and with the colostomy bags helping to collect the leakage, he is certainly in the right place. Yesterday afternoon Graeme was taken into theatre to have the wound sorted. What this entailed I am not sure, but Penny Farrell (good all round egg and retired nurse - so she should be correct!) who visited on Thursday evening said that they were going to 'irrigate' it. I shall find out more when I see him this afternoon.

Peta, Gethin and Felix flew back to Scotland on Wednesday afternoon from Bristol airport so we did a slight detour for Peta to pop in, very breifly and with special permission, to see her Dad. I think a few tears were shed - there were more at teh airport as it was a great wrench to wave them off. We, with Martin and Smita, had enjoyed such good weekend.

Please keep up your kind thoughts, prayers and greetings and once again a big thanks for all your encouragement.

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  1. Praying for you every day – tell his nibs that I have only had one G&T since Ash Wednesday (and lost 10 lbs as a result of almost nearly staying off the booze) – that should make him laugh!

    — Nick De Keyser · Saturday 28 March, 2009 · #

  2. Dear Fiona,
    Our thoughts are with you and very much hoping you will have Graeme home with you at the earliest opportunity. Clearly not receiving visitors just yet, we will wait patiently in the wings when we see Graeme is home and much better before ringing for a “slot” .
    George and Chrissie

    — Chrissie Jarvis · Sunday 29 March, 2009 · #

  3. Dearest Graemepichi, Fiona et al,
    Valerie and I have read and re-read your blog and we marvel at how you all seem able to be ‘holding it together’! Our love and prayers are with you. You are very special people who have enriched our lives through the many years we’ve maintained our friendship. We thank God for Graeme’s resilliance and sense of humour and, Fiona, your ‘down-to-earthedness’, free of faff and nonsense. We are assured of loads more nesting birds, spring blossom and Blue Sapphire for ‘all-y-all’ as my former parishioners would say. Grandchildren, we have found, are the bestest medicine in the world! It is also so good to know that Fr. Danny is supplying some of the ‘necessaries’ and that so many friends are flowing through. ‘Keep yer pecker up’, sicut dixit slappa dramatica ad episcopus!
    We’ll be in touch again soon.
    Much Love, as aye,

    David+, Valerie, et alia ex Mons Calpe.X

    — David+ and Valerie, Gib · Monday 30 March, 2009 · #

  4. Dear Graeme
    Hope you are feeling much more comfortable. Thinking of you.

    Fiona, thank you for all the updates. I hope that you and the family are well.

    With love

    — Irene Dougherty · Monday 30 March, 2009 · #

  5. Hi Fiona glad you had a good weekend with the kids and grandkids. Hope all goes well with Graeme and that he has come out of theatre with problems sorted and it won’t be long until he can be back at Dunprachin as recovery always seems quicker in our own surroundings of home. Praying for strength for you and the family.

    Margaret Reid · Wednesday 1 April, 2009 · #

  6. Dear Graeme and Fiona,
    Thinking of you both lots at present, and of course prayers too. Glad you had a good weekend with the family, and glad too that things have stabilised after the hassel with the back wound. I’ll keep intouch via your wonderful blog and will come over to see you when you are up to it.
    Lots of love

    — martin Poll · Friday 3 April, 2009 · #

  7. Continually in my daily prayers and thoughts

    — Fr John Smethurst · Friday 3 April, 2009 · #