Friday Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

Dictated by Graeme:

I seem to have lost count of how many operations and medical procedures I have had since mid December – I think it’s six but it might be seven! The most recent was yesterday Thursday 2nd April when again they operated on my spine. Since the original spinal operation took place a month ago a whole new host of nasties set up home and had begun constricting my spinal column. This new grown material has had to be removed. I am now 24 hours post op and my pain and discomfort is being well controlled but I am feeling very weak and lethargic. Fiona has spent all afternoon with me and it has been a joy to rediscover the pleasures of simply being in the presence of the one you love the most. We have spoken very little and done virtually nothing –just being together has meant worlds to me. The other day I lost the use of my legs and this evening I am pleased to report that with some considerable effort I can at least wiggle my toes and produce some movement in my legs and feet. Minimal. But at least something. I have a huge distance to walk – and if you’ll excuse the play on words – no legs to carry me the distance!!! But for as long as I can wiggle my toes I can continue to have hope. Your thoughts and prayers continue to be valued and cherished and I am grateful for your continued messages of goodwill.

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  1. Keep wiggling Graeme! Love as always x

    — Heather · Saturday 4 April, 2009 · #